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Franck Muller Chronograph Conquistador Grand Prix

To celebrate the Formula One Grand Prix of Singapore which was held from Friday 25th to Sunday 27 September 2009 in the heart of the city, Franck Muller has created a watch which conveys the passion and exhilaration of this race – the Chronograph Conquistador Grand Prix.

The Chronograph Conquistador Grand Prix is a powerful combination of technology and aesthetic excellence. This novelty of the legendary Cintrée Curvex body certainly has a bit of attitude, but is still very sporty. The flambé silvered dial with applied indexes and super luminova relief numerals positions the watch as a true adventurous masculine character.

As with Formula 1 cars, the body of the Chronograph Conquistador Grand Prix is strengthened by a combination of different materials. This time, the Master of Complication has opted for a high-tech alloy, the ultra-light and highly robust Ergal, which is treated by anodization to improve its resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Commonly used in Formula 1 and the aerospace industry, Ergal is extremely resistant in relation to its weight and thus furthers the brand’s mechanical prowess.

The Chronograph is powered by the FM 7000 automatic movement. It also sports a date corrector push-piece at 9 o’clock enabling the wearer to set the date back or forward with ease. Fine-tuned down to the last detail, the movement’s parts are fully decorated, with hand-chamfering, diamond polishing, circular graining, rhodium-plating and the Côtes de Genève motif all used for the beauty and personalisation of the piece.

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In 1977, the Bvlgari-Bvlgari watch is created

The Bvlgari’s descend from an ancient family of Greek silversmiths whose activity began in the small village of Epirus, where Sotirio, the founder of the family, made precious objects in silver. In the mid-19th century Sotirio emigrated to Italy where in 1884 he opened his first shop in via Sistina in Rome. With the help of his sons Costantino and Giorgio, in 1905 he inaugurated the shop in via Condotti, which still today is Bvlgari’s flagship store.

In 1977, the Bvlgari-Bvlgari watch is created, a design that is now considered a classic and is still Bvlgari’s best selling watch. In the early 1980’s, Bvlgari Time is founded in Switzerland to manage the creation and production of all Bvlgari watches.

In 1989, Bvlgari signs an important joint-venture agreement with Girard-Perregaux, the renowned Swiss watchmaker company, for the production of the movement of Bvlgari watches.

Buy your Bvlgari Replica Watches – which make you look rich at a fraction of the cost.

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The Rado Original DiaStar revolutionized watches

Rado watches have cornered the niche for upmarket watches that are different from more traditional Swiss watches. Rado watches stand out from other watches because of Rado’s use of new, modern materials and striking design. Rado were the first to produce the world’s first truly scratch-proof watch; the DiaStar.

If you’re looking for a top rated, beautiful watch that’s a little different to other comparable watches, then you should take a look at the current collection of Rado watches. I love Rado watches because of the unusual, modern materials that are used. Rado watches are made from materials such as scratch proof ceramic, caoutchouc and Hard Metal. Rado Ceramica has become a design classic. The glass is made from sapphire and the case, crown and bracelet are made from a high-tech, scratch-proof ceramic. The movement is an ultra-precise Swiss movement in either an analog or digital display. It comes in only two colours; black or platinum colour. The case and bracelet are very sleek, with the bracelet composed of simple rectangular links. This watch, like most Rado watches, looks very minimalist, with a much understated style.

The Rado Original looks more like a traditional divers/sport watch. It has a very simple design. Unlike other brands the bezel is smooth, the face is uncluttered and simple and bracelet is simple. Its style is so simple; it almost looks like a ladies watch. In fact, both men and women would feel comfortable wearing a Rado Original. Now for the technical information: the Rado Original comes with Hard Metal bezel, facetted sapphire crystal, screw-down crown with crown protection, screw-down steel case back with the Rado’s stamped ‘Seahorses’ medallion, 100 meters / 333 ft. water resistant. There is an automatic movement. The Rado Original watch is the way diver’s watches used to be: simple, before the competition between watch manufacturers turned these utility watches into the testosterone lumps of metal they are today. I love this watch; in fact, I love it so much I bought one.

The Rado Original DiaStar revolutionized watches. It was the world’s fist scratch-proof watch. The Rado DiaStar still has the looks of a very contemporary watch; it’s hard to believe the watch was first designed over forty years ago!

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Patek Philippe’s formal participation in a variety of clocks and watches expo

Patek Philippe was born Anthony Patek1812 the founder of a small village in Poland, intelligent and quite artistic talent from an early age. 1831, instability in Poland, because at that time, Anthony Patek fled to Geneva, Switzerland, to study painting. Later, he keenly felt the broad prospects for watch industry, he bought the watch movement of good quality self-assembly of the sale, and soon cut a striking figure in the business field.

In 1839, when, Anthony Patek opened up to watch the company’s own 100. In 1844, Anthony Patek and a man named Jane Fei Li of people met in Paris in an exhibition. At that time Jane Fei Li has designed a very thin case, but also on the chain and set the table do not have a traditional key bag table. This bag on the table at the exhibition even be ignored, while Anthony Patek was deeply attracted by its new design. After some conversation the two immediate intention to cooperate to achieve, it is so simple Fei Li joined the company’s total 100. 1851, 100 up to company officially renamed the company Patek Philippe. Starting this year, Patek Philippe’s formal participation in a variety of clocks and watches expo. It is in this year, watch the first London exhibition on the patronage of Queen Victoria to come, was a Patek Philippe in Table attract, this table without a key on the chain design, using materials as sterling silver and 18K gold, diameter of only 30 mm, delicate and novelty. Queen chip in to buy on the spot. In her lead, Prince Albert also bought a Patek Philippe table. News spread like wildfire, Anthony Patek and Jane Fei Li has become the focus of attention. Soon the company Patek Philippe watches will be among the ranks, winning the reputation of the world.

Anthony Patek’s business-minded and Jane Fei Li’s sense of innovation, exquisite craft co-created the early Patek Philippe. They believed in the “manufacture of precision machinery,” the concept of quality and not quantity, working slowly and deliberately is a Patek Philippe firm production principle, whose main thrust is only one – the pursuit of precision. This is the Patek Philippe company’s pursuit of a hundred years of “creative” idea.

Up to now, Patek Philippe watches the output of the company are strictly limited, each no more than 1 million. An ordinary Patek Philippe watches, from design to the factory at least 9 months, after more than 160 years of development, Patek Philippe Chupin table in a very limited number, their total only 60 million, and only Shoppes at the world’s top sale. For special requirements of a watch or pocket watch, design and production time was able to up to 9 years. In particular, it processes from beginning to end his or her own production, while the training of a watchmaker Patek Philippe is take 10 years.

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TAG Heuer has become famous for its technological innovation

TAG Heuer began its well known roots in 1860 by Edouard Heuer. Since then the name TAG Heuer has become famous for its technological innovation in accurate replica watches, containing stopwatches and water-resistant watches. TAG Heuer has established a reputation for understanding design and creation.

In Formula One, TAG Heuer has been conneced with many of the great names of the sport: Niki Lauda, Emerson Fittipaldi, Jacky Ickx, Michael Schumacher and, certainly, maybe the greatest talent of all – Ayrton Senna.TAG Heuer has offered official timing services for a host of famed sporting events throughout the twentieth century – beginning with all Olympic Games of the 1920’s and continuing with Formula 1 automobile racing since 1969.

 TAG Heuer reaffirms its unchallengeable claim as the No. 1 watch brand in motor sports with an extraordinary new line up of premium Grand CARRERA automatic chronographs and watches revved to a peak level of luxury performance.

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Replica Rado Watches are known for high-tech and unique technic

Replica Rado Watches are known for high-tech and unique technic. It’s the time, design and eternal value of the replica Rado Watches that make the best annotation to the excellent timepieces themselves.

Replica Rado Watches are known for high-tech and unique technic. It’s the time, design and eternal value of the replica Rado Watches that make the best annotation to the excellent timepieces themselves.

The aim of replica Rado Watches is endeavoring to integrate with watchcase and function, and making epochal replica Rado watches with durable material, in a harmonized way.

In 1983, Rado joined the elite SMH group, now known as the Swatch Group, the biggest watch conglomerate in the world. Rado watches are unique in every way. While other brands use conventional materials like gold, brass or steel, Rado goes for materials of the future such as hardmetal, sapphire crystal, high-tech ceramics, high-tech lanthanum or high-tech diamond. And this is always in the endeavour to develop design/material combinations that unite in perfect harmony the double functions of the watch as a modern piece of jewelry and a functional timepiece. The basis for this is provided by the mastery of highly developed leading technologies for the manufacture and processing of the hardest materials in the world.

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Replica Longines is designed in ultramodern or traditional styles

Longines Replica Watches has been renowned for design and precision since 1832. Based at St Imier, Switzerland. Many top-level international events have consulted Longines. Longines provided timers used at the first modern day Olympics in 1892. In 1899, Longines went to the North Pole with Arctic Louis Amedee de Savoir. Longines watches always strive for elegance in design and technological innovation. It was the first to use automatic timekeeping for the Federal Gymnastics, at Basel in 1912. Today, Longines remains a widely recognized name in sport watches and chronographs. Longines replica watches, give us the image of graceful, meaningful and fashion. It always insists the philosophy of the best quality.

Longines Masters Collection Retrograde watches are created for the anniversary edition, and available in a variety of precious metals. A retrograde display watch does not appear in a circular fashion features, we’re used to seeing. Instead, it provides the functions of a linear way. Instead, a circle round in hand, they follow the arc, when they reach the end, they jump back to the beginning. Retrograde watch line includes: the main retrograde seconds, 41 mm, 44 mm master retrograde seconds, power reserve of 41 mm master retrograde, retrograde power reserve of 44 mm and MasterCard.
Longines is a watch brand continuously building a reputation for watches with precision, reliability and excellence in advancing technology. Replica Longines Watches is designed in ultramodern or traditional styles and incorporating advanced technology, offering strength, resilience, and beauty.

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Burberry is a publicly traded company

Burberry was started by Thomas Burberry, a draper’s apprentice who began his own outfitters’ shop in Basinstoke, England in 1856. Following this, the store grew to an emporium in 1870. Ten years later innovation at the company lead to the development of a durable fabric called garbardine. Toward the end of the 19th century, Burberry had become a publicly traded company and moved its location to 30 Haymarket St. in London. During the next 50 years the company would develop the Tielocken, a coat worn by English soldiers during the Boer War. Their products would also be used by Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole. Two royal warrants have been given to Burberry, one by Queen Elizabeth II and later by the Prince of Wales. Currently, the company continues to maintain a strong following and international brand recognition.

Fossil History:Fossil was started in Texas in 1981 by entrepreneur Tom Kartsotis. After his older brother Kosta, a department store executive, mentioned how lucrative the merchandise importing business could be. A business importing moderately-prices watches, would be especially lucrative. On that advice Tom used his savings and the money he had from a ticket-selling business he owned with a friend and flew to Hong Kong. After making a deal with a manufacturer, he returned to Texas with 1,500 watches that were sold in Dallas boutiques and departments stores. Kartsotis brought on Lynne Stafford to be the Overseas Product Designer. Later his brother Kosta joined the company as well, which went public in 1993. Over time Fossil, Inc. branched out in other domestic and then international markets, including Switzerland. It’s Swiss division made a deal with Burberry for worldwide distribution of its watches.

Watches:Burberry markets watches for men and women. Their characteristic checkered pattern is often seen in the band material used for the watches. Very classic in appearance, Burberry watches can be expensive. They can retail for about $300 USD and up, although occasionally they can be purchased for much less. This is much higher than Fossil watches, which can start lower than 75$ USD in price.

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IWC Company’s reputation was always very high

IWC appearance marked an entirely new industrial access to watch-making. The company came into existence in 1868 by Florence A.Jones. The company set an aim to produce a wide range of Fake Watches since its foundation. It’s not surprising that these ambitions young enterprise palnned to produce the best rolex Watch. After all, Jones was an American engineer and watchmaker from Boston.

Being a producer of multifunctional, rather complicated watches, IWC never was behind the leaders. It won many awards in international exhibitions. A Breitling Watches model with minute repeater, chronograph and astronomic perpetual calendar which consists of 1300 details is produced by IWC nowadays.

Most of the clientele were private individuals and museums. While he was working with complicated timepieces, he became passionate about their mechanisms and began to think of building his own workshop.
Very soon, in 1984, Franck Muller designed his own tourbillon Tag Heuer Watches. In the 1980s, few watchmakers were capable of creating such complicated timepieces, among them Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. The private clients of Franck Muller continued to come for new timepieces and thus his business started growing.

The Company’s reputation was always very high. Right up till the fifties of the previous century the company’s rolls contained the information on whom, when and what exactly replica rolex watch had been sold. Not many companies can afford this. There are many famous people among IWC clients, for instance Ferdinand I, doctor Young, Sir Winston Churchill. German air forces order this company’s fake rolex watch. The military especially like Mark XI model, which was made up in 1948 and is in quite great demand today.

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Zhou Xun wearing the dress as well as the wrist-wear Chanel

Chanel launched the first “Greenwich Mean Time” watch. In the past, the Egyptians that the earth is flat. From the farthest distance from Earth to Saturn and Jupiter, Mars, the sun, Venus, Mercury to the moon, on behalf of the ordered sequence, and change the people in charge of the day Our Time. The evenings, they are formulated in accordance with 24 hours. Now, we understand that the earth is round, but also to familiarize themselves with carved and record hours of life. At the same time benefit from the convenient transportation, we can short period of time between the shuttle lands. chanel J12 GMT, to be presented to the frequent exchanges between the two places business people and travelers to master the exact local time, there are also considerate of their loved ones home greetings.
Actress Jennifer Aniston has recently in Hollywood, high visibility, from the fashion magazine “VOGUE”, Oprah’s talk show, to the acclaimed sitcom “30 Rock”. Sharp-eyed fans found a table, whether in the above-mentioned one occasion Aniston wore a black chanel J12 sports watch, showing that this is her new love.

April 19, 2009 in Hong Kong in the 28th Awards Presentation altar, the film has just been promoted to Asia after the high-level customization Zhou Xun to wear a chanel dress, Yan frightened audience. The classic black and white against the background out with a more noble spirit of Zhou Xun. It is reported that Zhou Xun wearing the dress as well as the wrist-wear Chanel Fil de Camelia value of 932,000 Hong Kong dollars of platinum and diamond watch, both for its specially tailored replica chanel CHANEL, from France to Hong Kong by air, the international superstar status is not made by and Yu.
In 1910, Coco in Paris has opened a women’s hat shop in the child (millinery shop), relying on extraordinary sewing skills,sewing up a simple and engaging and another top style hat. Two of her confidant as she introduced a lot of celebrity guests. At that time the ladies are tired of fancy of the edging, so simple hat chanel For them, like a general cool Oasis. Just one year, the business is rising, Chanel shop in her son moved to temperament fashion (fashionable) of the Rue Cambon, since this area is still the headquarters of Chanel Chanel base. Make hats can not meet the Chanel Chanel for the ambitions of the fashion industry, so she set out to enter the high-level uniform (Haute Couture) area. In 1914, Chanel opened two boutiques, a far-reaching impact later declared Chanel fashion brand Chanel was born.

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